Gameloft Shows Off 8 New Android Titles [VIDEO]

Say what you will about Gameloft’s policies, it’s hard to deny their ability to churn out compelling games.  Really, what bugs us most is that their full library is not available in the Android Market, making it tough to re-download games from one phone to another.  Gameloft just dropped a video on YouTube showing off 8 new Android titles, many of which may never find their way to the Android Market.  Nevertheless, the games look stellar and will be welcomed to an already robust lineup.

Featured in the video: The Settlers, Dungeon Hunter 2, Starfront: Collision, Sacred Odyssey, Nova 2, Fast 5, Eternal Legacy, and Shadow Guardian  [youtube][/youtube]

  • I’ve been wanting Starfront for a while now but hell if I’m gonna pay for an app that will become useless once I upgrade my phone!

  • Justin

    They simply need to get on the Android Marketplace. Their website just failed to authenticate my Evo as a viable platform.

    • The website works fine for me, are you running a custom ROM?

      If it doesn’t detect that you have an Evo go down to the bottom of the page just below customer care and click on where it says ‘Your Model’ and you can manually select your device.

  • Agreed, If I want to buy an app/game, then I want it linked to my account, not my device as they see it. If I update my ROM (even via official OTA), then I don’t want my app/game invalidated and removed from listings. However, Android Marketplace has also had this problem with EA mobile titles (Tetris, Need For Speed, etc) where they will occasionally disappear from market and be reuploaded. Magically then you don’t have the game anymore on your purchase list, or it is no longer downloadable. So even through MarketPlace, it isn’t foolproof.
    All that being said, even though the ideas behind many of GameLoft’s games are snagged straight from other big name titles, the games are generally pretty well translated to mobile platforms and are pretty good. I applaud their technical skills and programming in bringing some of these games to life. Still, shady sales practices are shady.

    • I agree. They are shady and lack of any support, refund or updates from their titles is a deal breaker. I made the mistake of purchasing one of their games and it was FC everytime I played after while. I emailed them about this issue and their response was basically I brought it as is. WFT. Secondly, it wouldn’t be transferable to another phone. Considering that most people hold on to their phone on the average of 17 months this is ridiculous.

      I will never buy another phone from them until they decide to put it in the Market but even then after the bitter pill I’ll probably still stay away from them.

      • Most of their games will check for updates on occasion. I have launched a couple games recently that prompted me to update, Fishing Kings and Asphalt 6.

        Their original dozen games did not implement auto updating. But if you go to their site on your mobile then go to my downloads and select your game, the latest version will download.

  • Breambeem

    I think gameloft strategy to sell its apps on its own website is better than selling them on market. Android market is not available globally and I’ve already stopped hoping that it will do.