Lynx Stream Captures Every Moment from That Party You Can’t Remember

Going out with a bunch of friends after work tonight?  Make sure you download Lynx Stream so you can recall all the events tomorrow.  We’d hate to see you wake up in the morning with some sort of “Hangover” where you can’t remember a thing beyond that fifteenth beer.

Developed for deodorant brand Lynx /AXE, Lynx Stream compiles every tweet, status update, picture, video, and check-in from you and your friends.  Before you get your festivities started, simply create a stream and invite your friends to join.  Then, commence partying.  Once your event is over, a full record of the Stream is compiled and can be shared with friends, families, and anyone else you want to make jealous.  Here’s a sample stream to give you an idea as to what it’s like!

Download Lynx Stream for free from the Android Market on devices running 2.1 or higher!


  • Interesting post

  • its not in the market??? i want this app!!!

  • (for bar hoppers) what if they added a feature where it tapped into the phones location setting and then mapped out all the bars and clubs they went to? 🙂

  • oh! wow! I want this app!!! Thanks a lot for information!

  • this is really a nice app

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  • ohh! So I can enjoy party after the party as well.

  • Mrchubby

    looks like an online documentary maker!!!

  • Hunter

    Too bad it’s only available in the UK