Awesome Launcher ADW-EX Updated to v1.3.2

One of the best home screen replacement apps known as ADW-Ex has received a large update.  The developer @Anderwebs has pushed some exciting new features that many of us have been waiting for.  Originally released v1.3.0 came out over the weekend and was followed up by v1.3.1 which had some bugfixes.  v1.3.2 has also been released with more fixes.

Home screen looping is possibly the biggest improvement to be mentioned.  Re-coded app drawers make for a smooth experience and 3 new screen transitions allow for new customization.  You’ll also notice the screen transitions now have names instead of numbers.

Experimental Honeycomb compatibility with hardware acceleration and better handling of larger screens might make for a neat experience on a Motorola Xoom.  If you have tested this on a Xoom, comment below and let us know what you think!

ADW-Ex is the paid version of the ever popular ADW which comes as the default launcher in all CyanogenMod versions.  Purchase price is €2.30 (about $3.39) for this awesome launcher!  Support your devs!



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  1. Anonymous
    May 09, 20:38 Reply

    I have the new version running on my Acer Iconia A500 tablet. Reliable as always, although there were a couple of minor changes that don’t work for me. Actually considering going back to the last version which also ran fine on my tablet.

  2. Gtheg
    May 09, 21:18 Reply

    Way smoother than before..makes my mt4g look like its rooted…endless customizations and works great paired with GoSms pro. 5 stars

  3. Anonymous
    May 09, 21:30 Reply

    I like the new transitions but I don’t like the drawer animations, they don’t seem as fluid as before. I just tried go launcher ex I love that too. Nice to have options.

    • Gabe Hacker
      May 10, 13:58 Reply

      Try turning off “Snap Scroll” in the Drawer settings.

  4. Dejanet
    May 10, 09:36 Reply

    I’ve been runing it on my L-06C lg’s honecomb tablet in Japan. I haven’t had any problems. Even though the stock honeycomb launcher is ok it’s great to finally have an alternitive

  5. Peter
    May 10, 11:37 Reply

    awesome! can’t wait to try this out

  6. Anonymous
    May 10, 14:55 Reply

    ADW EX on top of the added functionality of Sense is the ultimate Android experience. On my overclocked MT4G, it’s every bit as smooth and stutter-free as any iPhone.

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