CyanogenMod v7.0.3 Released With Bug Fixes and Security Update

The most popular series of custom ROM’s has received yet another major update.  CyanogenMod v7.0.3 and v7.0.3.1 depending on the device, include a very important security fix.  The CyanogenMod team highly recommends the update for any user currently running versions 7.0 7.0.2 or releases.  There is a catch, if you are currently using a cm7.1 nightly build, do NOT update to v7.0.3.* as the fixes are already included in any build after May 4th.  Downgrading from a v7.1 nightly build (Android v2.3.4) to a v7.0.* stable release (Android v2.3.3) is known to cause issues.  The update to v7.0.3.* also includes a bug fix for the notification system.

As usual, the releases can be found on the CyanogenMod website or the Mirror System.  The update can also be found on the Rom Manager application which can be found below.



Source: CyanogenMod Blog

  • Does any one know if this release has fixed the Nexus One phone answer delay?