Did Someone Say HTC + Honeycomb?

Photo courtesy of pocketnow.com

While we are still awaiting for the releases of HTC’s two 7 inch tablets, the the Flyer and the EVO View 4G, we saw some fun news from our friends over at  pocketnow.com. Keep in mind that these 7 inch tablets will only be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and work with a separate stylus for taking notes. With that being said, it has been leaked that HTC and AT&T are working on a Honeycomb based 10 inch tablet. While there hasn’t been any official press releases about this HTC Honeycomb’d goodness. We have heard that it will be the first tablet to run on AT&T’s upgraded 4G LTE network later this year. This tablet will likely be named the “Puccini”.  Carrying a name so peculiar, it lead me to do some Googling. Giacomo Puccini was an Italian composer in the late 1800’s. Do you think that this tablet will have some extra music integration/features? Let us know in the comments!