AT&T Enables Sideloading Applications?

If you’re on AT&T with an Android device, you know that sideloading applications is near impossible if your phone is completely stock. With the Samsung Infuse 4G launch today, the guys over at AndroidCentral noticed that the Infuse allows “unknown sources” under the Applications settings. Hopefully this will stay true to the device and all future Android devices on AT&T in the future. Android is open and AT&T closing off the ability to sideload applications actually takes away from features on an Android device. All we know is that we’re happy to see this, as well as AT&T starting to get some great Android phones. What are your opinions on side loading? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook wall!

Source: AndroidCentral


  • I’m willing to bet anything that this change was prompted by a “legitimate” third-party app store (Amazon’s) becoming available.

  • that’s cool thing they have done