IO Version of Galaxy Tab Already Fetching 1000 Bucks



If you were watching the live Google IO 2011 Keynote, you already know that it was hard to hear the closing. After Google announcing that all 5,000 attendees were getting a 10.1 Galaxy Tab…well the crowd was pretty excited! This limited edition IO tab is white and back with a android pattern. It also comes with three months of Verizon service. The very light and thin 10.1 galaxy tab is running Honeycomb 3.0. Google promised that it will be upgraded to 3.1 in the coming weeks.

No more then a few hours after this Google goodie was given away, there was an ebay listing up.  The auction has only been live for a little over an hour, and has already surpassed $1,000. With 17 bids, a current price tag of $1,026.00 and over 22 hours remaining….who knows what the winning bid would be. Our guess would have to be close to the $2,000 range. How high do you think the bidding wars will go? Are you trying to win this soon to be HoneyComb 3.1 tablet? If so let us know in the comments below.