I/O Galaxy Tab 10.1 Already Rooted!

Image Credit: Android Central

Well that didn’t take long, yet another testament as to why we all love using the Android OS.  The snazzy Galaxy Tab 10.1’s that Google handed out to lucky I/O attendees have already been rooted, giving access to the entire device for our grubby little hands to take advantage of.  Android Central reported that the process is super easy, simply push a zip file over ADB, reboot into recovery then execute said zip.

It will be interesting to see if the retail version of the unit is going to be as easy to root, or to even get different ROMS on, since the Galaxy line has been notoriously difficult to develop ROMS that are not simply just kanged-versions.

If you got one of these bad-boys, let us know in the comments if you have rooted as of yet!


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  •  Yes! Our dreams came true. Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the coolest.