New Android Market Brings Exciting New Tools for Developers

We’ve just learned that Google is ramping up the Android Market, and they’re trying to help developers along the way. Google is set to release Multiple APK, a tool that will allows devs to release different apks (all under the same app name) of their app that work better with certain devices. Furthermore, if the developer updates a version of their app directed at the Thunderbolt, then only Thunderbolt users will get said update. Note that this is optional; devs can still just have one apk for all devices.

This is sure to be a welcome feature among developers, especially considering the number of vastly different Android handsets and tablets that are out there. This will help developers to get their apps working on most, if not all, Android devices. That means more exposure, more app downloads, and more revenue for the talented developers that make Android what it is. Google is launching Multiple APK in June, so if you’re a developer, we advise you to be on the lookout for this awesome new tool.

  • well, nice they think bout devs, but as a user, you still can’t migrate bought apps to another account… FAIL

    • I don’t think that is a fail. Not being able to migrate bought apps to another device on the _SAME_ account would be a fail (and I know of some devs restricting this). Migrating between accounts I don’t see as a priority unless they are linked accounts.

  • Anonymous

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