Android Market Update Brings New App Discovery Features

Google is on fire today with Android Market announcements, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Google has announced the addition of some new “app discovery” features in the Market. Eric Chu announced today that they’re working on implementing new features into both the Android Market, and the online Market as well. In June, the Market will give users a list of apps that are “hot right now”, instead of apps that were popular months ago. In this way, developers will be able to get more exposure for their apps, which is good for everyone. The “Hot Right Now” category will only show apps that are popular from the last 30 days. So, no app will be featured too much on the Market.

Along with this category, users will see Top New Free Apps and Top New Paid Apps, to help narrow down the popular apps by price. It’s worth noting that these categories will be location-based, meaning that users from the U.S. will only see apps that are popular in the U.S., users in France will see apps that are popular around them, and so on. This also helps developers get more local exposure.

This is great news for developers, because it gives them more exposure, and good for users as well, because it makes discovering apps even easier. We’ll try to dig up more information on these new features, but we’re being told that the online Market features are already functional. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Android Market and check out the new app discovery features!

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  1. Guest
    July 29, 01:07 Reply

    Where’s the what’s new section though? What if I just want to see what’s new / Just in ??

  2. Annoyed
    July 29, 03:52 Reply

    This is a stupid update. I would call this a downgrade. A very ANNOYING, cluttered, blinding with advertisements, step BACKWARD.
    The best part is how they screw it all up and constantly force you in to it. I have removed this update over 5 times already and am constantly killing the market updater process.
    Thanks a lot Google for screwing up the Android Market big time.

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