Mall Announced, One Stop Shop for Android Devices

Seavus Group has announced the launch of Mall, which is being dubbed as the one place to get anything and everything for your Android device, whether it be apps, games, ebooks, or music. It’s essentially a giant store for Android devices, which is helpful to many people that have to go to several different places just to get all of their ebooks, apps, and other things. Why not have it all in one easy to access market? That’s what Seavus Group is hoping to accomplish with this “mall” of theirs. will (according to Seavus) be launching with over 7,000 apps an 37,000 ebooks. Seavus also tells us that games, audio books, music, and more will be added to shortly after its launch.

Now, as you can expect, Seavus Group is looking for developers that want to get their apps into the Mall. So if you’re a dev that wants to get in on this new market, you can register with here. Who’s excited about finally having one place to get everything you need for your Android device? Let us know below or on our Facebook Wall!

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