Verizon Motorola Xoom Getting 3.1 OTA This Week!

That was fast! Motorola is actually the first out of the gate with this one, which is surprising given their track record with updates. That’s right, the Motorola Xoom will be getting some Android 3.1 love this week via an over-the-air update. The update also adds more functionality for the Xoom itself, such as compatibility for USB-attachable keyboards, mice, game controllers, and digital cameras. Along with this hodgepodge of hardware perks, the update will add support for the new Android Market movie rentals service, so you can watch movies right on your 10.1-inch Xoom, or a bigger screen via the HDMI port. Xoom owners will also have the ability to resize widgets, a feature previously missing in Honeycomb. The update also brings full support for the final version of Adobe Flash Player 10.2, giving users an even better browsing experience. Of course, one of the most notable features this update will bring is the ability to use a headset in Google Talk videochat, as well as using a Bluetooth keyboard.

Now that we’ve got all the information out of the way, the only thing we can really do now is wait. I should mention that this update is only for the Verizon Xooms, and the WiFi-only versions will be getting the same update in the next few weeks. So, keep checking your Xoom for that notification, and let us know what 3.1 feels like when you get it! Who’s excited and impressed that Motorola is the first one to release such an update? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook Wall!


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    May 12, 12:28 Reply

    I like what I’m hearing about the update, mainly that its quicker and re-sizable widgets. Looking forward to it, so c’mon Moto/Verizon/Google push it down to me already!!

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