Netflix Rolls Out Android App for Select HTC Devices and Samsung Nexus S

Remember that leaked Netflix app from the LG Revolution system dump? If you can remember, the main function (being able to watch content) was not working. None of that matters now, because Netflix has dropped the official app into the Android Market. The catch is that it only works on select HTC devices and the Samsung Nexus S, but, all of the features work properly.

The current devices supported by the app are:

• HTC Incredible with Android 2.2
• HTC Nexus One with Android 2.2, 2.3
• HTC Evo 4G with Android 2.2
• HTC G2 with Android 2.2
• Samsung Nexus S with Android 2.3

I can confirm that the app is indeed working on my G2. There are reports that some users running Cyanogenmod 7 are experiencing playback problems. Hopefully these issues will be resolved soon. Regardless of limited device compatibility, it is relieving to see that there is finally official Netflix support for Android. Hopefully they will broaden the range of devices soon (Galaxy S devices maybe?). Only time will tell.


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  1. Kevin Martin
    May 12, 20:43 Reply

    It’s also not showing up in the Canadian market yet for me – no big surprise there. :(

  2. David
    May 12, 20:57 Reply

    I don’t know if when you say Nexus S you are including Nexus S 4G or not, but it is working on Nexus S 4G.

    • Kaiba222
      May 13, 13:12 Reply

      Nexus S and Nexus S 4g are the same. Only difference is the 4g radio.

  3. timbck2
    May 12, 21:23 Reply

    I can confirm it works on my HTC Incredible with Cyanogenmod 7.03 (Android 2.3.3), despite the “official” info that it works on the Incredible with Android 2.2.

  4. KB
    May 12, 21:28 Reply

    I can confirm playback issues on CM7. Looking forward to a fix!

  5. Ronnie Boone
    May 12, 22:05 Reply

    Kinda disappointing that it works on the G2 but not the G2x. I mean seriously Netflix, if it’ll run on the G2, it’s a good bet it’ll run on an even better phone. :-(

  6. Vcallas
    May 12, 23:24 Reply

    Works on Galaxy S running MosiacII.

  7. Anonymous
    May 12, 23:43 Reply

    And why not the MyTouch 4G? It has the same processor as the G2.

  8. oli484
    May 13, 00:22 Reply

    I am really wondering why it takes so long to come up with a Netflix App. And why is it now available on an HTC Incredible but not on an HTC Thunderbolt. A customer does not understand that kind of approach. Probably Google with it’s video service in Android 3.1 will accelerate the availability.

  9. Android 3.1 will be released when the program çalıştırımı wonder if my phone samsung2550 :S

  10. Firelight
    May 13, 13:17 Reply

    Droid X: I tried running this on APEX 2.0 Beta (based on .591) and P3’s deodexed .591 and earlier .588 and it didn’t work on any them (black screen & no play). Downloaded .595 from TBH and the Netflix app worked perfectly.  Rocked the HOT TUB TIME MACHINE last night in bed…

  11. Anonymous
    May 13, 16:11 Reply

    It force closes every time I try and open it on my supposedly supported Incredible running 2.2…  *sigh*

    • Anonymous
      May 13, 16:42 Reply

      After reinstalling it twice it started to work.  OK I’m happy now.

  12. Ronnie D Collins
    May 13, 17:05 Reply

    Tried several different ways to get app. Samsung acclaim not listed but wanna try anyways. I think its only letting the devices specified get app. Now that HBO GO is out and running on my ipad im giving up on netflix. Their dvd service sucks anyway. Long wait no more cause RedBox always has the dvd i want when i want.

  13. Lenny Lee58
    May 19, 18:53 Reply

    Won’t run on HTC incredible. Forces close on launch. 

    • James Jones
      May 20, 02:51 Reply

       I have noticed that there are a lot of complaints about the video not actually loading or being slow. Is this due to a server overload, and high demand? I’m considering going with the Remote Access app from my employer DISH Network. It has streaming of DVR content and live TV. I’m just not sure if the Netflix app is worth the troubleshooting.

  14. Slamck
    June 01, 06:38 Reply

    It won’t install on Samsung Captivate :-(

  15. Beebster
    June 18, 05:27 Reply

    Neeed this for my new android galaxy s!! Hoping that it does come soon!

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