Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.3 for Android 2.2+

Adobe has pushed out an updated version of their Flash player for Android devices, mainly fixing bugs and patching security holes.  If you have an Android phone or tablet running Froyo (2.2), Gingerbread (2.3), or Honeycomb (3.0/3.1), you are advised to update your Flash app.  As of today, the most recent version will be marked so be sure to look for that.  To make things easier, look for 10.3 in the Android Market.  And to make them even easier, click the link after the break!


  • Guest

     When will it come to the optimus t or mytouch slide? (both have froyo)

    • flash 10.3 will never will come to the Mytouch slide officially.You can downgrade your firmware to android 2.1 and download flash for 2.1 apk(google it)other than that no flash for mytouch slide.its a processor issue.

      • Sepetci

        This is not right, there is no official flash player for android 2.1. It starts from v.2.2.

        • Noneya

          Check it out before you response, Matt was right!!! running flash for 2.1.apk on LG Optimus M 2.2.1 with no problems

  • Still not working with CM7 on Vision (G2) sound but no video.

  • UbuntuMan

    Does this version now install on SD?

  • i think adobe needs some major upgrade for better performance

  • WOW! I’m looking for this thanks for this useful information Scott 

  • I have tried anroid flash player upgradation but failed.the version 10.3 is not installing in my 2.2 anroid tablet.who can help me.private message me please on my profile