On That Amazon Tablet, CEO Jeff Bezos Says “Stay Tuned”

Is Amazon working on an Android tablet?  You bet.  Are they ready to admit it publicly?  Not yet. Consumer Reports recently spent some time chatting up founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos where they pressed him on the potential tablet, When asked whether they were planning on releasing a multi-purpose tablet, Bezos advised that we “stay tuned”, later adding that Amazon “will always be very mindful that we will want a dedicated reading device.” But when it comes to an actual device announcement or window, he said. “In terms of any other product introductions, I shouldn’t answer.” In other words, it exists, but it will be a while before Amazon says anything publicly.

While Amazon has been rather guarded on their tablet plans, word on the street is that the company is developing something in conjunction with Samsung.  Then, there are rumors that Quanta is taking orders from Amazon for tablets  as well.  Could there be more than one in the works?  Maybe an entire family of products?

Image Credit: Consumer Reports

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  1. Jake
    May 13, 17:52 Reply

    Look for it to be the hot gift item for the Christmas season! 

  2. Jake
    May 13, 17:52 Reply

    Look for it to be the hot gift item for the Christmas season! 

  3. Scotty Truman
    May 14, 13:46 Reply

    It is good that Amazon will still keep their kindle,
    considering that this device is the original tablet. Not all people needs and
    wants a tablet. Some people just want an electronic reader like this. I just
    hope the Amazon tablet can offer something new that has never been seen before
    in other tablets.

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