SPB Shell 3D Update Adds Host of Requested Features


Released barely a month ago, SPB Mobile Shell has already tallied more than 50,000 downloads and a ton of positive reviews.  Although we initially balked at the $14.99 price tag, we’ve since warmed up to the launcher/home screen replacement.  We spent a bit of time playing with the app at Google IO this past week we came away feeling like it gorgeous, fluid-like, and easily worth your money.  SPB was my favorite app developer from the Windows Mobile (T-Mobile MDA) days and they always do a bang-up job of jazzing up a phone’s experience.

If you think SPB would stop here and rest on their laurels, you’d be mistaken.  Instead, they’ve been improving the app, adding in many user-requested features.  Hit the Android Market to download v1.1 which includes bug fixes, performance improvements and the following details…

  • Free widget placement (to enable this option after upgrade, set “Auto Arrange” to “No” in Home settings)
  • Live wallpaper support
  • 3D birthday widget
  • 3D scrolling in program list
  • All day events support
  • Redesigned calendar panel



  1.  Eh I got it. I have since gone back  fto launcherproEX. 

    While it was nice, it frequently caused lockups on my Galaxy S and lagged something fierce..

    Its pretty, guess it depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice to get a “pretty” ui.

  2. This app is the reason (or last one) I had for buying my first android device, the Atrix 4G. 

    I would love this for honeycomb tabs too, if anyone has achieved this plz let me know. 
    My iPad2 is not happy with the idea

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