How to Watch Netflix on Your Rooted nookCOLOR

As many of you already know the Netflix app was released for Android not long ago.  At the time of release the app only supported a handful of devices.  Supported devices so far are 4 HTC handsets and the Samsung Nexus S.

I personally didn’t feel like waiting for a “supported” version of the app to hit the market, so I did a little research.  If you change a couple lines of code in the build.prop file located in the /system directory of your “unsupported” device, you can trick the app into thinking its really a different device.  More importantly you trick it to think its one of the supported devices.

  1. Root is required. Make a Nandroid backup! (I accidentally deleted my build.prop file and bootlooped my phone)
  2. Download ES File Explorer (Or any other root file editor) (linked below)
  3. In ES File Explorer, go into Setting > Root Settings and enable both check boxes
  4. Navigate to /system/ and copy/paste build.prop to /sdcard/ (just in case)
  5. Open & edit /system/build.prop
  6. Change the following lines to make your phone think it is a HTC G2

|ro.product.model=HTC Vision



|ro.product.model=Nexus S


  1. Reboot the phone
  2. Install the netflix apk (if you haven’t already) (linked below)
  3. Enjoy

This may or may not work on other devices, try both types (vision & nexus) if you have trouble.  I have it working on my nookCOLOR and it looks decent.  I havent had any playback issues watching Fear and Loathing.  My nookCOLOR is running the latest CyanogenMod nightly build, which i would highly recommend.   I don’t know what kind of experience it would be trying to play netflix on this device without hardware acceleration.   If playback is less than optimal, flash CM7 to the most out of your nookCOLOR.




Source: Reddit

  • Swood

     Or you could just install the Netflix .apk from XDA that popped up yesterday for the OG Droid. I even got Netflix working on my HTC Aria with that, no hack needed…

  • Junktrunk

     Does making this change have any effect on how other apps install or run?  Do future installs read that setting and think your device is an HTC Vision?  

  • Santiagovt

    You guys are AWESOME!!!!  You always get the NookColor updates, news I need.  Keep up the good work.

  • Gadgetskopf

    I got it to run on my Motorola Droid on Peter Alphonso’s GPA14 ROM with no modifications to build.prop.  I am running Pete’s kernel that overclocks to 1000mhz

  • Andy

    I’m running CM7 off uSD so couldnt get File Explorer to mount as root.  But I inserted the card into my PC and could edit build.prop there, then returned it to my Nook.  It works.

    But like “Junktrunk” I wonder if masquerading as a Nexus S will have unintended consequences elsewhere.

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  • thanks for your information, brother ..