Details for HTC’s 10-Inch ‘Puccini’ Confirm Honeycomb, Dual-Core 1.5GHz Processor

Last week, as we were in the middle of Google IO, Pocketnow stumbled across an unannounced HTC device called the Puccini.  According to their information, this new 10-inch Android tablet would be arriving this summer with support for AT&T and their 4G LTE network.  At the time, Pocketnow didn’t have any specs to share for the tablet, only speculation.  Today we find 911Sniper has come upon a few additional details, including a pair of screen grabs.

Not a ton of information here, but it is confirmation of the Pocketnow stuff from last week. Looking at the abbreviated list of specs, we can expect LTE support, 1280×800 resolution for the display, and a powerful Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual-core (MSM8660) processor.  Also, we can look forward to Android 3.01 running the show, presumably followed in short order by the new 3.1 announced last week.  And, based on the images we are getting today, we are optimistic that the Puccini will feature support for the HTC Scribe stylus.  If Pocketnow is correct, we should be seeing this on AT&T some time in June.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 16, 16:20 Reply

     So they are going to take a tablet OS and turn it into a phone OS? 

      • Anonymous
        May 16, 19:18 Reply

        I’m asking because the picture looks like the OS on the Flyer.

    • Robert Norris Hills
      May 16, 21:33 Reply

      No but they are going to take a good OS and turn it into a shit uglyone if thats a real screen dump..  

  2. Steffan Harries
    May 16, 16:33 Reply

    Judging by the price of the 7″ HTC Flyer, a 10″ HTC tablet is going to cost a bomb. I’m in no doubt that it would be an excellent device but it’s a bit too costly for me. I’ve got an Asus EeePad Transformer on the way :)

  3. Qw
    May 16, 23:22 Reply

     HTC sense for tablets is bad choise.. we want something new from mobile phones..

  4. shawn
    May 17, 03:10 Reply

    Can this come without AT&T?  Disappoint that I held out for this tablet only to see AT&T ruin this.

  5. IceRain
    May 17, 05:37 Reply

     HTC is good
    but AT&T…………..

  6. Family Iphone
    May 26, 09:52 Reply

    I really hope HTC learns from the disaster that is the pricing of their other tablet. I also hope they don’t let Best Buy or any other retailer sell the pen separately. If the price is reasonable and it launches with the pen included I’ll buy.

  7. iPhone Family World
    March 29, 13:15 Reply

    This is something great piece of information pertaining to HTC, but HTC should come with nice strategies.

  8. Guest
    March 29, 13:24 Reply

    Sony is coming in the market again, especially this time its Sony Xperia arc S and Sony Xperia Z are just mind b lowing. Especially the Bravia Engine feature in ARC S, is not comparable with anyone. you can get more detail here

  9. Guest
    March 29, 13:24 Reply

    HTC is coming in the market again, this time price is not comparable with anyone. you can get more detail here

  10. iphonefamilyworld
    March 29, 13:32 Reply

    HTC is good, and this time the price factor is really worthy to be noted. HTC should come up with latest gadgets and innovations to win the heart of the people.

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