December 19, 2014

Watch This Magical Unboxing of an LG Optimus Black [VIDEO]

You’ve probably noticed that we don’t do very many unboxings of Android phones here at AndroidGuys.  Why?  Because they are pretty much all the same – Open box, pull out earbuds, charger, book, and phone.  In other words, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen nearly all of them.  Having said that, we bet you’ve never seen an unboxing that features someone pulling out a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of perfume, a watch, and a live kitten.  And that’s not all.  Hit the break to see a Mary Poppins-like box full of goodies that eventually does have an Optimus Black tucked inside.


  • JackiEVO

    Cute kitty!

  • JackiEVO

    Cute kitty!

  • Robert Norris Hills

     Whats in the box! In the box~ whats in the box todayyyyy

  • Mary Beth

    awesome idea – why didn’t I think of this?! :)

  • Nismo300zx

     I better get a kitteh if i get this phone!

  • Michele Polo

    I’ve got the same jacket…