Kraken Case Review for Droid Incredible

If you’re looking for outstanding protection on your phone, you might want to check out the Kraken by Trident Cases. After I had the opportunity to review this “uniquely” designed case, I left with a bag of mixed feelings. Though the Kraken provided great protection for the low $40 that this case costs, I found it to be a bit too bulky. Even though the hard plastic screen protector works great, the bezel around the screen makes the notification bar hard to access.


  • Bulky design
  • Intrusive screen bezel
  • Very hard to disassemble


  • $40 price tag
  • Protection
  • Colorful

Overall, the Kraken by Trident Cases was great for the money. Although you do’ not feel like you’re going to drop/break your phone, you might find this case to provide many features. This case should reach the average activist or klutz (for lack of a better word). If you don’t mind the extra protection at the expense of adding thickness to your device, this case should be great for you. We have provided a link to purchase this case as well as a video review below.

Purchase: TridentCases



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  1. gary
    May 17, 21:22 Reply

    $40.00 !!  wow, I paid 17.50 for my droid x, Kraken case on amazon last month

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