Rumor: LG Revolution Set to Release May 26th Now

Everyone loves good speculation and rumors right?  Word on the street (read interwebz) has the LG Revolution being released on May 26th according to some Best Buy Mobile pics.  The pictures illustrate an in-stock date of May 25th with the idea that it would be released the next day.  

The LG Revolution is set to be the next 4G device on the Verizon Wireless network.  We had last reported the release date of May 12th but this isn’t the first time this device has missed its “unconfirmed release date” so keep a lookout in the upcoming days/weeks.  Sporting a 1ghz Snapdragon CPU, LTE support and dual cameras this device should make a nice splash for LG and Verizon Wireless customers.


Source: DroidAttic

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  1. Todd
    May 17, 17:46 Reply

    Man would Verizon release an impressive phone already?

  2. IceRain
    May 18, 06:16 Reply

    the phone looks like HTC phones so much

  3. M Zapata80
    May 18, 08:49 Reply

    C’mon LG…you better have a different design! That look a whole lot like HTC’s phone!

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