Slacker Radio Launches Premium Service With New Version 3.0

Slacker Premium Radio is a new service that provides access to the Slacker music library including individual songs and albums.  Slacker now has 3 tiers service to provide the listener.  Starting with the entirely free Slacker Basic service a user can upgrade to the ad-free and feature-rich Slacker Radio Plus.  Now with Slacker Premium, they’ve opened the door to on-demand access for a fully-loaded music experience.
Slacker Premium Radio enables listeners to search, play and replay specific songs and entire albums from the Slacker library, which features over 8 million songs, as well as easy access to top songs and artists from each of the 150+ expert-programmed Slacker genre stations. Listeners also have the ability to create specific playlists both on mobile and on the web, and even experience off-line playback through the ability to cache stations, playlists and entire albums.
Slacker Radio, with their latest offering, hopes to make a one-stop-shop for your music listening needs.  Now with 3 subscription types there should be one to fit your needs.

Slacker Radio application features:

• Download and listen for free today, with no monthly listening limits
• Nearly 10 times the music of the nearest radio competitor!
• Listen to over 100 expert-programmed genre stations
• Create custom stations with your favorite artists and songs
• Play songs, albums and artists on demand and create custom playlists
• Store your favorite stations on your Android device
• Fine tune any station for the ultimate in personalization
• Get new music personally selected just for you
• Enhanced music discovery featuring artist bios, album reviews & lyrics

Checkout the Slacker Radio application below in the Android Market.

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