Review: Body Glove Snap-On Case For Droid Incredible

If you are looking for a high quality, snug case for your Droid Incredible, look no further. The snap-on Case from Body Glove provides a nice feel, decent weight, and an overall sleek design. The case comes with an attachment that doubles as a belt clip and kickstand. The case itself is made out of three different materials: soft touch foam, hard plastic, and felt. The felt provides a nice cushioning bed for your phone to sit in, the hard plastic makes this case solid, and the outer foam makes it feel “incredible.”

This case will run you a high $30 from Body Glove’s website. When using this case the phone felt more solid than without, although with the solid feel, some weight was added. Out of all the cases I have reviewed in the last 2 weeks (Kraken, Defender, and Commuter), I have found this case to reign over all of them. If you want to pick this case up, we have provide a link below to Body Glove’s online store.


  • Weight
  • Price


  • Feel
  • Design
  • Protection


Purchase the case HERE.

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