Sharp Announces Worlds First Clamshell Android Phone

An interesting announcement from Sharp today, as they have launched the worlds first Android powered clamshell flip phone.  Introducing the Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh, an Android 2.3 device with a 3.4 inch flippable touch screen.  It has some impressive specs under the hood, including a 16 megapixel camera!The specs for the 007h are as follows:

  • 1 GHz second gen Snapdragon
  • 16 megapixel rear cam
  • Front facing cam for vid chat.
  • 3D ready display, with a 3D TV tuner.
  • Dropbox and Qik apps pre-installed

The phone is being released in Japan first, but Sharp has plans for a world wide release sometime in the future.  This is a pretty beefy handset spec wise, the 3D ready display and TV tuner is an interesting addition as well.  More news on this as it is released.


  • Meh

  • XEOD

    Return of clam shell….. Really? I mean it looks nice but the whole clam shell design is kind of outdated.

    • voxleo

      Yeah, not “butt dialing” everyone is SOOOO yesterday!

  • This is cool and all but I really think it just wouldn’t work in your hands if you hold the lower part of the phone so imo the touch screen is useless, I really dig the camera though

    • Andy Stetson

      top swivels around and closes so that it’s like other android phones.  And clamshells are still HUGE in Japan (was just there).  Their clamshell phones beat the crap out of any american clamshell phone.  Really hoping that phone comes stateside, drop some 4G in there and it can’t get better! 

  • Cool!!!

  • Interesting design perhaps tempting to some fickle BlackBerry consumers looking to switch to an alternative with hardware QWERTY keyboard. 

  • interesting yet for some reason it feels like regression to the feature phone…

  • E13

    terrible design

  • E13

    terrible design

  • Anonymous

    I want a phone that is easy to text on and isn’t difficult to use. Right
    now I have an env3, and I absolutely love the keyboard layout, but the
    phone has so many glitches.

  • 3D display?!
    that’s so cool if it is ture

  • Dannyjayfuller

    Still waiting on a RAZR 3 with a dual core OMAP4 and Gingerbread…

  • Meh

    I don’t get what people have against clamshell phones. I find them significantly more comfortable to use as phones than the brick designs. I also like having the screen protected when not in use by being closed inside the phone, so that I don’t have to worry about having my keys or whatever in the same pocket. 

    I don’t mind that others like the bricks, but it ticks me off that there is not one decent clamshell phone available in the US right now. Also, to quote Monty Python: I’m 37, I’m not old!

    • voxleo

      I heartily agree.  I refuse to get rid of my Razrv3xx for precisely this reason.  Sturdy and stellar reception. 

      Clamshell design has always been my preference because of the whole “shell” part that keeps it from getting crushed and mangled like so many others.  So maybe I can’t deposit checks to my bank with it from the toilet, but my boyfriend has had an iphone 3g for less than a year (and already wants the new one) for all the good it does him, as it currently is falling into greater and greater disrepair along with the cracked screen. Plus the other great thing is I don’t have to pay for calls that I didn’t intend to make.  The only time he ever call me on it is when his butt dials me from the back pocket of his jeans!  People are more and more consumed with what’s hip and popular and less and less concerned with what is actually functional nowdays.  We are de-evolving as a species despite potential for greatness due to misplaced priorities.