Get You an EVO-3D for $99 from Radio Shack

Image Credit: Good and Evo

Now before you rush out and run to Radio Shack, know that to get an EVO3D for that price, you have to trade in an original EVO or a EVO Shift.  That being said, the above image was taken from an email that received.  As you can see, the Shack is offering the brand new EVO device for a base price of $199 on contract, $499.00 off.  If you have an EVO or a Shift, that you are willing to part with, the deal is even sweeter.  There are still no details on release for this device, and the link in the top of the image does not work as of publishing of this article.

Will this deal appeal to you?  Would you trade your EVO or Shift in for the 3D?  Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Andiellen
    May 23, 15:33 Reply

    Think they’d give me ANYTHING for my Hefo?  :-)

  2. Ethan Sommer
    May 23, 15:50 Reply

     Well, I would trade in my Evo, but I’m fairly sure I can get more than $100 on ebay for it…

  3. Anonymous
    May 24, 04:00 Reply

    I am considering it but currently have my preorder already in with bestbuy since may 8th so I might just leave it that way. Either way day one the Evo 3d will be mines. It will be the best android device on the market period.

  4. Tvmule
    May 24, 21:49 Reply

    Radioshack dude did not know about this, unclear if it is real or not, or under what scenarios the 99$ holds up (depend on upgrade status with sprint??) Given the radioshack 3d web page and source linkage above are not working, not sure this is real yet.

  5. Thetunicakid
    May 26, 19:45 Reply

    sorry shak gonna have to up price to 250 and ill think bout it…..opps u mean i give? pffft get lost i wont trade even now. wtf can i do with it change themes? wow ohhhhh ahhhhh losers

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