Price Grabber takes Miracle on 34th Street Approach to Sales

You have all seen the now famous movie Miracle on 34th Street where Macy’s impresses customers by directing them to go to their competitor to find an item that they do not carry or have in stock, right?  Well, the online sales site, has updated their Android app to operate like that, sort of. Announced via a press release, the Price Grabber app was updated to include some new functionality.  We will let a quote from the release speak to the changes:

PriceGrabber has increased the functionality of its shopping experience on its Android application. Shoppers are now able to share their favorite products with friends and family via email, Twitter and Facebook. They also can view enlarged product images; review detailed product specifications; and evaluate product offers of new, used or refurbished items.

The PriceGrabber Android app now shows shoppers a discount badge when a product has been heavily discounted. This badge makes it easy for consumers to locate heavily discounted items within the vast array of PriceGrabber product offerings.

Shoppers can now view the prices of products available in their local brick-and-mortar store from their PriceGrabber Android app. This feature also identifies the stock levels of specific products and gives consumers driving directions to the local store, as well as store hours. Local availability is very useful for shoppers who want to compare prices but may not have time to wait for an item to be shipped.

While the idea of sending consumers to brick and mortar stores sounds very Miracle on 34th streetish, it is safe to assume that the local stores that are listed to have the product you are looking at have paid Price Grabber a nice fee to be listed there. We don’t fault Price Grabber at all for this, and like the addition of the local stock functionality.

You can get the Price Grabber app from the Market, using our handy dandy download box below. Happy shopping!


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  1. Anonymous
    May 24, 06:55 Reply

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  2. Meagan
    May 24, 17:28 Reply

    It is actually a similar idea to what Retailigence is doing right now as well. Exciting stuff for mobile and retail stores, and interesting way of looking at it – love the Miracle on 34th Street reference. Brings back memories.

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