Review: Cobra Universal Mini Mount

I’ve been using the Cobra Universal Mini Mount for almost a month now. It is exactly what its names suggests – a one-size fits-all mobile device mount for your car. The trick to the Cobra mount is it’s an ultra-sticky surfaces: one to hold the mount to your windshield or dash, and the other to keep your android device in the mount. The Mini Mount’s sticky surfaces reminds me of those wall spiders you fling on the wall – except MUCH stronger.

The reason I’ve held off writing this review is specifically because I was doubtful the sticky surface would hold up. I’ve used it every day since receiving it; pulling it off the dock and putting it back on again hundreds of times. I even let my toddler daughter play with it for a while to make sure it got nice and dirty. In order to restore the stickiness, all you do is run it under some water to remove any dirt/debris.

The strength of the mini-mount is surprising given its small size. It is strong enough to not only hold my Vibrant, but it also keeps my Nook Color perfectly in place. The Cobra Universal Mini Mount is the REAL DEAL and I highly reccommend it. Thanks to Cobra, the days of purchasing a new car mount every time you buy a new phone are now over.

The Cobra Mini Mount is available for pre-order from Cobra Hands Free or Accessory Highway for $24.95 with an expected ship date in early June.

Nook Color in Cobra Universal Mini Mount

Sophie the Giraffe in Cobra Universal Mini Mount

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  • g00n

     would it hold a xoom?

    • Corry

      On the dash, I think it would at the right angle (back a bit more). Might need to tilt the mount back a bit more in order for it to stay. Though the Nook Color has some weight to it. Not sure of the weight difference between NC and Xoom. Depending on your car, might be able to put the mount lower on the middle of your console.

  • Organizedfellow

    Would be great if they offered another model with A/C vent clips.

  • Organizedfellow

    Would be great if they offered another model with A/C vent clips.

  • research papers

    Nice post. Thanks

  • Willie Hodnett

    If it clunks, from under the car, every time you take off in first or reverse, that’s a good indication.  I Really like your this Information…

  • Anonymous


    I was wondering does it make the back of the phone sticky thanks for all your help in advance 

    kind regards


    • Corry

      Hi Ian. Nope – the back of your phone will not get sticky from the the mount.

      • Anonymous

        thanks for reply appreciate it

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised.  I had one like this for my MyTouch 4G in a rugged case and it was just too heavy for it, it was popping off all the time and I hated it!  It was returned in a day.  If this can hold a nook though I should be fine.   Thanks for a great review!

    • Corry

      You’ve got to be careful with cases. I have a OtterBox case for my vibrant that didn’t work as well with the Cobra Mini Mount because of the texture of the back of the case. It still held it up, but it wasn’t as stong of a hold.