Sync your media with Miro 4

If you are a fan of iTunes and have wanted to sync your Android device, you might want to hear this. Miro 4, an open-source desktop media client for Mac, PC, and Linux, does just that. With Miro 4, you can seamlessly sync your Android device’s music, videos, and applications. Miro 4 works with iTunes as well as converts videos to ensure that they will be playable on your device. Miro 4 actually goes a step beyond iTunes and allows you to sync your device with different computers (provided they are on the same wifi network). With Miro 4 you can purchase music from ANY only store and Miro 4 will recognize the format or convert the format to ensure it can be played. Miro 4 offers a great and easy to use interface so you can sync and be on your way. Best of all, since Miro 4 is an open source client, it’s completely free, and we have provided a link to download it below. Please leave us your thoughts and opinions of Miro 4 below or on your Facebook wall.

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Download: Miro 4


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  1. Theweakend
    May 23, 19:12 Reply

     I’ve already tested it out, it’s great. For a person looking to replace itunes on mac as I have been for about a year, don’t think about it, just download it now. I’ve always dug Miro but I never really had a reason to use it, I already had vlc and I already had Transmission so why would I need Miro? But this put me over the edge, all it needs now is a tag album art fetcher and it would be good to go. 

  2. yZq
    May 24, 00:39 Reply

    How to do it on an Android ???! 
    No Android client app to be found…. How to sync??

  3. Anonymous
    May 24, 18:46 Reply

    No Natty Narwhal support yet, going to have to wait.

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