Tower Building Chaos Ensues as Jenga Falls into the Android Market

Leslie Scott’s infamous tower-building game Jenga has made its way to Android courtesy of NaturalMotionGames (creators of Backbreaker Football). This anxiety packed puzzler pits users against the evil Dr. Gravity as they attempt to remove lower positioned blocks and reposition them atop an increasingly taller, more unstable structure. NaturalMotionGames have done their best to recreate a life-like 3-D wooden structure  representing its real world brother. While the game lacks the obvious tactile form, it comes fully equipped with advanced real-time physics and a sensitive control scheme for an  as-close-as-you-can-get smorgasbord of anxiety.

While playing Jenga by yourself is an enjoyable and challenging way to pass time, playing with others is much more fun! Jenga for Android provides a 4-player Pass’n’Play Mode for those impromptu game nights at your friends house (the friend who never seems to have any games). For the overly zealous competitor type, you can compare (show off) your tower heights with others from around the world.

If you begin to find the original-style Jenga to become a tad monotonous and boring, fear not, NaturalMotionGames has you covered. Introducing Jenga “Arcade Mode'”, the one-stop, color-matching, score-multiplying,  coin-earning, Jenga on steroids that all of us ADD sufferers crave.

So if you’re a Jenga fan or just looking for a new Android game to challenge you, head on over to the Android Market and download Jenga for $2.99 (or wait for it to be the free-app-of-the-day on Amazon – “oh no he didn’t”)