News360 Brings Personalized, Real-Time News to Honeycomb Tablets

Heads up Honeycomb tablet users!  News360 has come to Android today, bringing a fresh look to your everyday news sources.  The free app really lends itself well to discovery, thanks to more than 1500 media sources, spread across the globe.  Taking advantage of Honeycomb’s fragments, News360 jumps between split and full screens in snap, sprinkling relevant links and sources in helpful spots.

I’ve spent the better part of a week playing with an early look at News360 and really have come to enjoy the way in which it seems to tie everything together.  Be it my own personalized feeds or something I stumbled across, the app makes it very easy for me to learn more or discover additional sources. Companies, brands, places, and locations are linked within articles, putting just one touch between you and encyclopedia-like information.  I also really dig the way in which articles are formatted, balancing between high-resolution images and your “just the facts, ma’am” text.

Keep an eye on News360 because it’s only going to get better with time.  Future releases are expected to include enhanced personalization and integration with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and (somehow) TripIt.


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  1. Jay
    May 24, 16:43 Reply

    What’s with the permissions required by this app?  Looks like they left a lot of debug code in…?
       – mock location sources for testing
       – access extra location provider commands
       – control location update notifications

    Not using until this is cleaned up.  Shouldn’t need these permissions.

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