Stock Google Voice app running on XOOM



Today after playing around some more with the XOOM, I figured I’d try to install Google Voice one more time.  Well, what do you know.  It worked!  By the way, this is not the modified .apk found on XDA.  This is the stock version 0.3.4(#13).  So if you can get your hands on a Gvoice .apk floating around, you should be good to go.


* By the way, I tried numerous times on my first Verizon XOOM with no joy.  It must be the 3.1 update that’s made the difference, because this is the same .apk I used back then.




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  1. Dr Doug Deep
    May 24, 15:46 Reply

    What changed? Android 3.1?  Trying to get this on my Tab 10.1

    • Sam Herren
      May 24, 15:53 Reply

      I believe so, because if I tried once, I tried a thousand times on my first XOOM on HC 3.0.  Hooray for 3.1!

  2. Joshua Sadler
    May 25, 01:52 Reply

    Just an FYI the current version of Google Voice is actually…

    • Herren Sam
      May 25, 09:48 Reply

      Yeah, I know but I don’t have the .apk on hand.

  3. Supr2nr
    May 25, 04:04 Reply

    Facebook app also works on HC 3.1. Or I should say that the Facebook apps widget now works.

  4. Skyman
    May 25, 07:13 Reply

    Android 3.1?
    will there be some big promotion?

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