HTC Reviewing Bootloader Policies, Will Provide More Information Soon

HTC hears you.  They understand that some of you Android users want to be able to unlock your devices and bend them to your will.  Whether it’s a vast majority of frustrated users or simply a very vocal minority, HTC customers have been asking for an easy way to unlock the bootloader of phones.  So much so that the company took to their Facebook page to let followers know that they’re looking into the situation.

Thanks so much for providing feedback, we hear your concerns. Your satisfaction is a top priority for us and we’re working hard to ensure you have great experiences with our phones. We’re reviewing the issue and our policy around bootloaders and will provide more information soon. Thank you for your interest, support and willingness to share your feedback. – HTC Facebook

We imagine that the natives have become increasingly restless over bootloaders in the wake of recent findings.  It has been reported that their EVO 3D and Sensation handsets were locked up pretty tight, making it more difficult to hack than previous models.  And that news came after another player, Sony Ericsson, decided it would make it a breeze to unlock their 2011 products.

  • Now we wait to see if their statement was a “please shut the fuck up” or “we actually give a shit what our customers think”

    • Anonymous

      I really hope they give a shit, otherwise very disappointing.

  • Thetunicakid

    Would you buy a ferrari if it had governor on it that would only let you go under 100mph? Worst part ferrari put it on there and said its for your protection sorry we wont take it off! For the love of god you morons thats why you buy one to drive fast! Same thing applies here. Wtf would you buy a device of this caliber specifically designed for expert cellphone addicts and then say sorry folks. We messed up creating the best sprint phone of all times and that popular mechanics award pffft nonsense. Lets design the baddest phone ever create hype to ahem your elite premium customers and just before they can pay for it? Piss em off to the point your stock will drop as fast as rims did and all your inventory sits longer than a blackberry on nextel does. Be honest? Are you trying to go bankrupt? Did sprint get mad and say oh well tmobile bought we might as well run this into the ground so somebody will buy us. Look htc ? Sprint? You guys have had unreal success but this crap will make it disappear in a sec and worse is you will go bankrupt for it. I truely believe if this stands htc will fall big time but may survive but sprint? Put it this way i went from begging to buy to looking at riding my contract out and leaving. I dont care about price! Within reason… I want a great product. Id pay xtra 100 unlocked honestly and wouldnt give used toilet paper if it had 5ghz 1000gb locked. You just killed what i love most bout android! Fix this today or guy work for blackberry morons!

  • Thetunicakid

    When these go on sale i will trade my 4g for 3d if you make sure wrapper is still on it and if you kick in extra 250 for aggrevation and say please real nice. If cap is put on data deal is off. Scratch that if i had unrooted phone id never use it so….downgrade plan as well.