AT&T launching 4G LTE in 5 cities this Summer

Well with all the hype of 4G LTE, AT&T has jumped on the bandwagon and announced 5 cities that will be receiving this 4G LTE coverage during the summer, and they plan to add 10 more by the end of 2011. The aforementioned cities are:

  • Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Atlanta, GA

Hopefully the “10 more” will include NYC and San Francisco, which are 2 of the larger markets. On another note, this coverage is great, but there is one problem: AT&T has no 4G LTE phones. To that, they say:

We also have plans to add 20 4G devices to our robust device portfolio this year, with some of those being LTE capable.

Are you excited? Im not even on AT&T and I am pretty excited. After using Verizon’s 4G LTE and seeing how fast that goes, the AT&T customers will be very happy. At any rate, be sure to leave your comments below or on our Facebook Wall!

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  • 4G_or_not_4G

    does it matter if AT&T never opens their network, so their customers can take advantage of the speed