Droid Charge Blockbuster App Blocked to Rooted Users

If you haven’t heard, Google’s new movie service on Android 3.1 has been blocked to root users. If you have a rooted Xoom running Android 3.1, you cannot rent or purchase videos from the new Movies section in the Android Market.

But it doesn’t end there; the newly released Blockbuster application for the Droid Charge does the same thing! It will detect if you are rooted or not, and if you are, they will restrict you from renting or watching videos through the application. Supposedly, Widevine (a Google owned company) restricts encrypted content to rooted devices. I don’t know what Google is thinking here. This may be them trying to tell people that those who root their phones want to illegally steal movies, but we may never know.

What do you think of this? Is this a smart move on Google’s part? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook wall!

  • The idea that someone is going to use a rooted cellphone to pirate low-res movie downloads is ridiculous on every level.

  • Anonymous

    Content providers thinks rooted devices are a threat to their business.  So Google really has no choice except to demonstrate that they are doing their parts in securing Android devices.  It’s either this, or no contents for Android at all.  Look at how long it took for Netflix to support Android vs. iOS.  The complaints should really be directed at the content providers.

    • Howie_in_AZ

      It could be that rooted devices ARE a potential threat; one need only look at Google’s half-hearted attempt to deter piracy on Android to realize this.

  • Netflix seems unaffected.   Thank you Netflix, you win my money.

  • Saul

    For DRM, the content providers care about every piece of the path from their servers to your screen. Take a look, for example, at what Microsoft calls their “Secure Audio Path” 
    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms986485.aspx (best example I could quickly
    find, the same principles apply to video)

    You can’t provide that level of assurance on Linux-based system where the user has root access.

    None of this should be a real surprise. DRM is about crippling the functionality of digital devices which would otherwise be able to copy bits from one place to the other without restrictions.

  • Anonymous

    That’s fine.  The record & film industry has shown time and time again that they don’t understand technology.  If you don’t want me PAYING for your content, no worries.  There are a “torrent” of other places I can find it.

  • haha a company that just filed for bankruptcy refusing to take money from customers. what’s next??

  • Naterichmond7

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  • I know! I can unroot my MyTouch 4g, stream a google movie when that’s available on the phone AND THEN use my rooted G1 to record a video of the movie!!!! *puts on eye patch* That’ll teach’em…

  • Zcheney

    This is perfect, the only reason I want to root my new phone so I can get rid of this bloatware garbage anyway 🙂