Google Maps Updated to V5.5

Version 5.5 of Google Maps adds better support for checking in and out of places, as well as rating them. Google has made checking in as easy as clicking the “check in” button on the location page. If you want to rate or review your location, you can just click the “rate and review” button.

Along with these two new features, Google has also added the ability to change your work and home location history. To do so, go to the “Location History” page, hit the Menu button, and select to either “change home location” or “change work location”. The update is live now, so hurry and update your Google Maps from the Market by clicking the download link below. Do you use Google’s location based services? Or would you rather use Foursquare or Gowalla? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook wall!

Source:  Google Blogspot



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  1. Tenkely
    May 26, 15:23 Reply

    I stopped using Foursquare as soon as Latitude check ins were available. The history and play back features in in the Latitude Dashboard are awesome, not to mention that I believe Google Offers will have the best deals. Think about it; when you search for a new place, you don’t do it on Foursquare or Facebook, you most likely look on a search engine. This gives business owners the incentive to put their focus into services tied to search of that nature, and will get more exposure. Offers will have the best deals for that reason. 

  2. Dbow32
    May 26, 21:41 Reply

    I love latitude, never tried foursquare. these new features kick butt, thanks google.

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