Lookout to be Featured on CNBC Tonight!

Exciting news just came to our inbox here at Android Guys.  One of our favorite companies that we have interviewed, Lookout, is going to be featured in a documentary tonight on CNBC.  The show is called “Code Wars, America’s Cyber Threat”, it is a feature about cyber security.

The show airs at 9:00 pm EST, so make sure to tune in.  The above image shows John and Kevin from Lookout working with the host of the show, showing her that with a laptop, $50 antenna and some free software, they can sniff online traffic.

As our lives become increasingly more mobile, information like this is going to be very important.  Make sure to check it out!

CNBC’s Code Wars ‘America’s Cyber Threat’ – a documentary on cyber security

  • jojo

    what’s that lady in the picture doin with her foot??

  • Lookout, the company that regularly comes out with self-serving FUD reports about how susceptible Android is to malware attacks, is one of your favorites???