Sprint training their representatives for Motorola XPRT launch

A leaked image shows that Sprint is training their customers for the coming launch of the Motorola XPRT (pronounced “expert”). This phone is the Sprint version of the Vzw Droid Pro and boasts a 3.1” Screen, 1 GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and international capabilities. The audience reach for this device is mainly businessmen, slowly moving they from Blackberry to Android.

The phone should be launching June 6th and it;s good to see proof that mobile phone representatives are learning these devices before they are being released. If you are on Sprint, does this look like the phone for you? If you are not on Sprint, would you like this phone to come to your carrier? Leave your comments below or on your Facebook Wall!

Source: Android Central


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  • matthew gardner

    i want this phone so bad