Tether your Wi-Fi XOOM to your Android Phone via Bluetooth



I came across this beauty a few minutes ago on XDA.  Even though it’s a few months old, it definitely applies to the new Wi-Fi only XOOM and possibly the new HC tabs being released.  In fact, it has now made my XOOM my primary travel machine instead of the iPad 2.  Because most of you are painfully aware that Android cannot see ad-hoc networks, and that’s exactly what apps like android-wifi-tether and Barnacle broadcast.

I also tested it via SpeedTest and got about 800kbps down which is exactly what I get on the phone in my area on Verizon Wireless.  So the XOOM should be seeing almost native speeds to that of the phone.  It worked very well with my Droid Pro and should work with my Samsung Fascinate.  Check it out!


  1. Can Verizon see me “tethering” the Xoom to my DroidX, and think I’m stealing bandwidth, or tethering without using their paid tethering service?

    • AT&T nailed jailbroken iPhone users because iOS routes tethered traffic through a separate access point. As far as I know, identifying Android tether-ers would require packet inspection, which is harder and more expensive.

      In my humble opinion, it is our duty to tether without paying, however possible, as long as carriers insist on charging you twice for the same bandwidth.

  2. I tether my Ionia Tab to my Droid X!! It works fantastic!! I already pay for unlimited web, so i can uuse it anyway I see fit!!!