The Wall Street Journal App Shows Android Phones Some Love

Tablet-less Android users may remember the Wall Street Journal’s puzzling decision to release their app exclusively for tablets back in November, and thus alienate the majority of mobile users who use their service. To protest this injustice, Android users from around the world began picketing, rioting and holding journalists’ tablets hostage. The Wall Street Journal has finally surrendered and released The Wall Street Journal Mobile App. That’s right, the mobile version of the tablet version of the Wall Street Journal app is now available in the Android Market and ready for download.

Android smartphone users can now enjoy WSJ news, articles, real-time market quotes and rich media along with the ability to save articles for later viewing. This is great news for those looking to access WSJ content quickly while on-the-go or during those long porcelain throne “meetings.” In order to use the service you will need to register with WSJ, and if you wish to have access to the subscriber content, then well you’ll have to subscribe (about $2 a week).

If you’re looking to download The Wall Street Journal Mobile from the Android Market, be sure to follow the link provided because performing a market search for it will result in a Google “Fail” for some reason, as you can see below.

So, has anyone picked up the WSJ mobile app yet? What do you think? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook Wall!


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  1. Mary Beth
    May 27, 15:42 Reply

    Still prefer the old fashioned version myself! :)

  2. Anonymous
    May 28, 09:05 Reply

    i was in the android market you are correct but if you use wsj then it does work thanks 


  3. Rev. Jim
    May 28, 11:08 Reply

    Downloaded it yesterday on my Nexus S 4G – works very well. Cleaner interface than the iPhone app.

  4. Ed
    May 28, 18:41 Reply

    Asus Transformer is not “approved” 

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