Asus Transformer to Get Android 3.1 Update Tomorrow


Asus has just announced via their Facebook page that the popular Transformer tablet will be getting an Android 3.1 FOTA update tomorrow, as in, May 31. This announcement comes hot off the heels of last week, when Asus teased a new tablet/phone combination they’re working on. This might just be me talking, but it looks like Asus is really getting into the Android game. Anyone out there with a Transformer should keep their eyes on it for that update tomorrow. No word on when the rollout will reach every Transformer, but we’ll try to keep you updated as more information comes in.

So, who’s excited about getting some Android 3.1 love? Or better yet, who has a Honeycomb tablet but hasn’t gotten 3.1 yet? Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall!


  1. I had a transformer. But I returned it after the deep sleep bug hit me. I was very disappointed that the tablet shipped with such terrible bugs.

    I have decided to check out thesamsung 10.1 , but now I’ll just wait for a quad core device later this year.

    The transformer has a great price point but lacks in the fit and finish.

  2. Wonderful – had mine a week… fantastic machine. Fit and finish is supurb, and operationally I have experienced no glitches. It can replace my laptop most days when out of the office. Great biult-in apps too!

      • Seeing an Android tablet without 3G feature as “giant phones” only demonstrate the lack of knowledge you may have. This lack of knowledge seems to be commonly best seen among Apple users. The best idiotic comments also and usually come from Apple users. Steve Jobs has successfully created horse blinkers for people to limit their field of view. His “There is no other way!” like campaigns worked like a charm! Specially on idiots and for those who have the tendency to refuse to see anything else other than straight ahead.

        And to let you know, I own a iPad. I gave the Asus Transformer to my wife as a birthday gift (having in consideration all its features and price). And you know what? My iPad is now correctly for sale. This was done after using my wife’s Android tablet for 1 hour.

        I’m not saying that Apple does not has good products because it has. But you know what? There are also more companies in the world that produce good products and usually not overpriced.