World Health Organization: “Cell Phones May Cause Cancer”

Now before I say anything else, I want to mention that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that cell phone radiation is harmful. Everyone and their grandma has heard it from someone else down the road. And while this isn’t Android-specific news, we thought it was relevant. Now then, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a study that points to cell phone radiation causing cancer. You can read the whole article on CNN here, but it’s a bit long.

In a nutshell, they can’t be sure as of now, because they need more long-term studies to confirm it, but apparently the radiation that we get from holding our Android (or any other) phones up to our ears all day long is similar to a “very low-powered microwave oven”, in that it essentially cooks the brain. They go on to say that cancer and/or tumors could form, but other effects include cognitive memory function. The EEA (European Environmental Agency) is genuinely concerned that cell phones could become as hazardous as smoking, asbestos, and leaded gasoline.

So, we ask you, our faithful readers, what do you think about the rising concern for cell phone radiation? Are you worried? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook Wall! We look forward to your feedback!

  • Fleeing

    If ever there was a valid argument for abolishing the WHO, then this is it! Where have they been the last 15 years? 
    This truly incredibly delayed reaction to the possible health hazard of cell phone use, is symptomatic of an incredibly bureaucratic and totally out of touch organization. 

    Congratulations WHO. Now no policy makers, heads of industry or even consumers will ever feel the need to take you seriously again. Truly pathetic!

  • Hmm i’m highly skeptical of this. They based their report on a ton of other studies. All of the studies I’ve seen so far indicate no link. I’m curious to see what studies they used.

  • Anonymous

    Who has their phone on their ear 24/7?  or 2/1 even?  Unless just having it in your pocket can cook your brain, I’m not buying it.

  • and thats y i text

  • I’m sooooo lucky I rarely call 😛

  • Aspaans

    And driving a car may cause trafiic related incidents, possibly leading to death.

  • Daniel Chang

    I don’t know. Maybe it is the tobacco argument all over again. Maybe not. But WHO is really taking an awful long time to make such accusations, and that, to me, make it more believable.

  • jeffrey beck

    Use the speakerphone or a Bluetooth device. Problem solved.

  • Swarmofone

    the sun can cause cancer too. its radiation on a person is an order of magnitude greater than that of a cell phone. so unless you hold your phone to your head (in use) for an order of magnitude more than the time you spend outdoors on any given day, i really don’t think you have to worry about your cellphone giving you cancer.

  • Jekisca

    They can’t make up their minds, they used studies that have been out for awhile.. but if that was really true we would have a significant rise in brain cancer globally already, people would be dropping dead or getting annual brain checkups left and right. This is old news, but use a headset of you are worried.. They say holding it a few inches away solves the problem

  • This is kind of like saying we should beware of light bulbs, because sitting directly under an 80,000W bulb would be bad for you. 

    That’s the same thing… a typical microwave oven runs 700-900W. A typical cell phone peaks at 1/2W or less, and may run significantly lower power in practical use (the cell tower instructs the oven on the minimal output power needed to maintain a proper link). 

  • Anonymous

    now more than ever it is advised  to check ones phone radiation level aka SAR
    you can find your phone sar level at

  • Dashiell House

    I don’t like your thinly veiled, devious, manipulative tone. ” Everyone and their grandma…” Oh Hell no. “Our faithful readers…” what a bunch of lower brain, ego goading, boot lick bulls#!t you have resorted to, in order to get the docile to voice their self-centered, lifestyle accommodating lack of concern. Of course you know that cell phones cause brain cancer. Done

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it’s cellphones or just the sedentary lifestyle that’s more likely to go with increased cellphone use.

  • Zach

    There seems to be a lot of “maybes” and “perhaps” and “a possiblity”s surrounding this idea of cellphones causing cancers.  I don’t know…I’d like to have some more concrete evidence linking cellphones to cancer, but…I also really don’t want to get cancer, lol.  I’ll probably just stick to using the headset, instead of holding the thing to my ear, makes me feel better.

    -Zach @ the Turbulence Training blog

  • Cloviskm

    Use a pair of the JBuds J3M and J4M to help battle cell phone radiation.

  • Mohsin Mallik

    Millions of people are smoking throughout the world and I don’t think that Cell phone is a bigger threat than smoking. If there is certain problem causes by using Cell phones, there must be some solutions. We cannot stop using cellphone, because we are greatly depended on it.

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  • Abc

    You would probably die first without a cellphone these days. I mean, it’s a necessity.

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