October 31, 2014

Avoid that DUI with New Android App

DISCLAIMER:  There is a modicum of common sense that a person needs to have, if you have been drinking, you may be too impaired to drive.  Use your head.

There is a new app announced today from Lone Wolf Mobile that is designed to help a person know if they are too impaired from drinking to drive.  Called “DUI kNOw! Stand”, the app uses the motion sensors inside your android device to see if you can keep your balance on one leg during a 30 second test.
The app mirrors the one leg test that a police officer uses during an actual DUI stop. A quote from the press release:

Up until now, this was a test that required two people and usually was only administered by law enforcement. With the DUI kNOw! Stand app, this test can now be performed by one person and at any time desired. The test records and measures angles in a manner that is consistent and not open to interpretation.
DUI kNOw! Stand will speak the results of the test. If more details about the error count are desired, a button causes the phone to speak the details of the test results as well as offer some hints about receiving a better score. All instructions are spoken out loud and the extensive help is also spoken out loud. Since scores and instructions are spoken out loud, the only requirements for taking this test are pushing buttons on the phone and placing and removing the phone from a front pants pocket. The app is especially designed for ease of use and helpfulness. DUI kNOw! Stand is a quick, inexpensive and easy way to find out if driving might be hazardous or illegal.

There are two version of the app on the Market, a free version that proves the concept works, then a $.99 full version that administers the entire test. Use the download block below to check the app out.