EVO 4G to Get Gingerbread on June 6; Manual Updates Begin June 3

We know a lot of EVO 4G owners who will be excited to hear this next bit of news… Their beloved Sprint handset is expected to see its Android 2.3 Gingerbread update in but a few days time.  According to the information passed our way (Thanks Tone Bone!), June 6 will see the 4.22.651.2 update deployed across the Now Network.  Among the fixes included in the update are

Aside from the normal 2.3 goodies, the update includes fixes for gmail and SMS bugs as well as a patch for the battery charging problems that plague some users.  The 6th is not all that far off, but we have even better news for you – manual updates can be done starting on June 3rd.  Yep – users can search for the update three days before it begins pinging handsets with notifications.   

All one has to do is go through the following steps, in order. Ten minutes and one reboot later and you’re all set!

  1. Menu
  2. Settings
  3. System Updates
  4. HTC Software Updates
  5. Check Now
  6. OK
  7. Yes


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  1. Richardyarrell
    June 02, 01:10 Reply

    This is great for all Evo 4g owners they too should be kept happy this device is the granddaddy of all 4g Android handsets.

    • Mariabx485
      June 02, 15:05 Reply

      Yayyy..thnk god Iturned da nexus s back and got me another evo but in white…I’m so ampped…

  2. Ronnie Boone
    June 02, 10:35 Reply

    Whatever happened to the Gingerbread update the G2x was supposed to have gotten?  I remember on April 24th, T-Mobile tweeted, “Gingerbread is coming to the G2x soon.  You won’t have to wait long.”  Still waiting…

  3. James Cook
    June 04, 03:23 Reply

    I had to yank my 16gb microsd card out to do the update… it kept coming up as corrupted download. Plus Launcher 7 doesn’t work, it shows it’s downloaded but it not in the application list(but shows downloaded in settings)

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