Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon Game Pack with More Than 100 Titles


Qualcomm has unveiled a new collection of games optimized for their Snapdragon processor family today in the aptly named Snapdragon Game Pack. Featuring more than 100 titles at launch, the list of partners and developers should be familiar to seasoned gamers. Among the early publishers included in the collection are Glu, Gameloft, Com2Us, and Polarbit.  The aim is to make is easy handset makers and carriers to pre-install their games on devices.   As of today there are more than 125 products that feature Snapdragon processors with another 250+ in development.

While it’s not quite clear how and when the Game Pack will be offered, Qualcomm is at Uplinq 2011 this week where they are talking it up. We put an email into the company to see if we can get any additional details ahead of the stuff that trickles out of the conference. Future versions of the pack will take advantage of next-gen Snapdragon chipsets featuring quad-core Adreno GPUs and aimed at larger screen displays such as tablets.

We dug through the press release to gather some notable titles and have them listed below.

  • GT Racing: Motor Academy (Gameloft)
  • Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus (Gameloft)
  • Real Soccer 2011 (Gameloft)
  • Pool Pro Online 3 (NAMCO BANDAI Games America)
  • Homerun Battle 3D (Com2us USA)

We hope to have a full list of games and additional details for you as soon as time allows.