Might T-Mobile Again Look to Sharp for Next Sidekick? (UPDATE)

T-Mobile has offered plenty of Sidekick iterations over the years, most recently in the Sidekick 4G from Samsung.  One company who is no stranger to the Sidekick lineup, Sharp, may once again get a chance to shine. Wireless tech site Unwired View has been passed an image of a Sharp handset which bears a very familiar form factor which they claim is headed to North America.

Looking like a mix of the Sidekick 4G and its predecessors, the features are said to include a 3.2-inch touch screen, GSM / WCDMA connectivity, Wi-Fi and GPS support, and a camera on the back.  Oh, and there’s that sliding QWERTY keyboard too.

We’re really light on the important details such as availability, product name, and full specs but we expect these to trickle out before long.

UPDATE: Unwired View is now reporting that this device actually has 850 / 1900 UMTS connectivity and will end up on AT&T.