Archos Gen 9 Tablets to Feature Honeycomb and Market?

Archos recently announced a launch event in Paris to unveil their new Gen 9 tablets. If you don’t know, Archos has been making great “low budget” Android tablets/ media devices for a while now but none have featured the Android Market or any Google Apps. But, if you check out the invitation above, there are two distinct images with the little bee (Honeycomb) and the Android guy holding a shopping bag (Android Market). So,  is Archos tipping their hand at some new features for these devices? Let’s hope!

We’re expecting Archos to keep the low prices they have been known for, yet satisfy the larger crowds with more “Google”.  The event is on June 23rd at 6:30 pm at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and we’ll be keeping an eye on things. Do you own an Archos device with Android?  What would you change about it?

Source: Archos Lounge

  • Rev_ziggy

    I own the current high end archos tablet, the Archos 101 Internet tablet. Quite frankly the only thing i would change about it is to make it a google sanctioned tablet and increase the RAM. those are my only essentials. Other than that it works great, internal 16gb plus my 32gb micro-sd card provide more than enough room. no need for a 3g contract, just connect to a wifi network.

  • Anonymous

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  • Unkle Chaos

    I’ll be counting down the days!!!

    If they release smoothly, I reckon I’ll buy one.
    Probably be looking to see if they bring out a ~5inch version, hopefully with 32GB SSD.
    HDD just doesn’t quite convince me with reliability.

    Right now it seems you just can’t beat Archos for their current price range.
    Certainly better than paying an arm and a leg for any apple stuff.

    • Android4life

      Dont bother waiting for this just get the Asus eee pad transformer. I’ve done months and months of research to find the best budget tablet and that is it. While the new archos may tie it in price and features, I know for a fact it wont top it and you’ll have to wait an extra month or 2 to actually get your hands on one of these archos tablets. Just go with Asus.

      • Fortify_98

        I agree. I am not at all dissapointed with my Asus eee transformer. Excellent and clear screen. Benchmarks report show the performance is better then the other Android tablets out there. Best of all it come packed with tonnes of out of the box apps.

  • Michael

    Yea, I have an Archos 101 Internet Tablet, and I regret buying it. It’s an ok device, but it’s not really well suited for the purpose for which I purchased it, reading. I really should have bought a Nook, but I thought that by getting a general purpose device, I could get the best of all three worlds (Kindle, Nook, and Google Books). But, the screen is pretty crappy and the 16:9 ratio is not ideal for reading. Oh well, lesson learned! 🙂

    • Mkaosis

      Archos 70 makes an excellent e reading device and with the smaller screen viewing angles at close range arent a big deal

  • Perempgative

    I have an Archos 101 Internet Tablet and the only thing it definitely needs is more RAM.

  • There are rumors and speculation as of now such as Gen9 devices having
    capacitive touchscreens, running on Android 3.0, available NAND/HDD
    memory sizes, and so on. We sure will find out more ASAP at least
    before June 2011, when the new tablets are going to be released.

  • The Archos Gen 9 will come out to play packing an ARM A9 1.6GHz
    processor, up to 250GB hard drive, 3G radio, although there’s a
    possibility of a WiFi only version as well apparently, and will run the
    Google guy’s tablet specific operating system Android 3.0 Honeycomb.