Fooducate Tells Us We Could be Eating Much Better

Try as we might, many of us just aren’t eating as healthy as we should be.  No matter what your diet consists of,  where you’re eating, or what brands your choosing, there’s always something better you could be sticking in your pie hole. That’s where Fooducate comes in.  Now available in a beta (.90) release, the Android app is here to help you make better food decisions.  And boy could we be eating a lot healthier.

The free app lets users (US only) scan a barcode for more than 200,000 grocery products and get back the nutritional information.  But, rather than simply reproducing the same old boring, hard to understand facts, it provides comparisons to other products, healthier alternatives, and a total breakdown of good and bad information.  With Fooducate, it becomes much easier to see how much excess sugar, fat, and preservatives are in your daily foods.  Worried about certain food colorings (red dye!) or serving sizes?  Let this app put your mind at ease a bit.

Download Fooducate to any Android smart phone running 2.2 or higher and get started.  The developers are hoping for lots of feedback and suggestions to help improve the app ahead of its 1.0 release.  Sorry Honeycomb tablet users, this won’t work just yet.


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