Rumor du Jour: Google Halting 3.1 Update until August, Affects Galaxy Tab Line

Here’s a rumor we’re hoping to get cleared up in short order.  Eldar Murtazin, an often reliable guy, tweeted a few hours ago that Google is sitting on Android 3.1 updates in “most countries” until August and that Europe’s models of the  Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 are affected.  According to him, there will be no tablet sales with 3.1 until this is sorted out.  Considering we just learned yesterday that the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is coming to the United States with 3.1 a few weeks from now, we’re hoping this is a misunderstanding.  Of course, it could be that “most countries” does not include the US and that Eldar has good intel.

We’ve reached out to a few sources to see what we can gather around this matter and will be happy to report back once we know more.  We’d love to know why there would be such a delay and, if so, which countries are affected.

Source: Twitter via Unwired View

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  1. Rachid
    June 03, 15:15 Reply

    3.1 sent to eee pad transformer users in the UK on the 1st 😛

  2. Love2track
    June 03, 15:22 Reply

    3.1 is running just fine on the asus transformer in the US

  3. Love2track
    June 03, 15:22 Reply

    3.1 is running just fine on the asus transformer in the US

  4. Ed
    June 04, 23:49 Reply

    3.1 is great on my Asus :)

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