December 22, 2014

First Look at Gameloft's 'March of Heroes' Based on Unreal Engine [VIDEO]

Gameloft dropped a short video teaser for an upcoming Android game today, called March of Heroes.  As you’ll see from the clip below, the game looks absolutely fantastic, with rich and colorful graphics.  Another winner from Gameloft to be sure.  Oh, we’d also like to point out that March of Heroes is the first Gameloft game  built running on the Unreal engine.  The availability has yet to be determined but we’re guessing the price will be the $4.99 sticker Gameloft likes to use.

  • 123

    So where is the video?

  • Dave Loft

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    i suppose it must be great thing////

  • Hkuhannah4evr

    Ummm Black Pegasus was $6.99 so I’m guessing you’re gonna be wrong.