Adobe Issues Another Flash Security Warning

Another round of ammunition has been added to all Apple fan boy’s arsenals with this new security warning for flash 10.3. The vulnerability affects all desktop versions as well as the mobile version for Android, it targets the user by sending a malicious link via email. Adobe suggests updating immediately as the threat has been classified as important and issued this statement.

“This universal cross-site scripting vulnerability (CVE-2011-2107) could be used to take actions on a user’s behalf on any website or webmail provider, if the user visits a malicious website. There are reports that this vulnerability is being exploited in the wild in active targeted attacks designed to trick the user into clicking on a malicious link delivered in an email message.”

An update for the desktop version is available now, with an Android update due by the end of the week. UPDATE: v10.3.185.23 is live now. What do you guys think, can this be used as an argument for no flash on mobile devices or do you think people that click suspicious links in emails deserve what comes to them? Sound off in the comments below!


Source: Electronista

  • Recluse52

    I think the people resposible will have a go at attacking android users flash or no flash. In other words if they cant find one way they will find another so we might as well hang onto flash as in the end it would seem it does not matter what we do as they will still have a go

  • twisted

    so if you have this version of flash what do you do? delete it or just delete emails from adobe?